Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Lila was a strawberry fairy. So adorable.

The Kimball cousins. Poppy, Lily, Lila, Jonah, Kimball, Eli, Jory (the Uncle) and Jax.
Gracie, Lila and Evie were pumpkin perfect in orange.

This is what Quinn wore to work. I guess its nice to be part owner....

Trick or treating at Grandmas and Grandpas!

Calder, Evie, Grandpa, Grace, Grandma, Lila and Ben

Happy Halloween. It was such a beautiful day! Its hard to believe its now snowing today. That's Utah for you.
Lila was gorgeous as a little pink strawberry fairy. She was kind of having a rough day. I think her teeth were bugging her so she was very teary, poor baby. She was also coming off of a bad day on Sunday. She had probably over ten seizures. Its so weird, we wont see a seizure for like three weeks and then all of a sudden have a rotten day. She is such a little trooper though. Still giving me smiles through it all.


blythe said...

such an adorable costume on lila! love the tights. you look beautiful in the pic of you three.

i love lila's cute little bracelets. did you make them?

nikki said...

She looked darling from head to toe! Tell Quinn I am disappointed that there wasn't a "family theme" :)

Cotter said...

She looks so cute!! Sad I couldnt see her in person!

Kelli said...

You have such cute pictures.

Shai said...

I love her costume! Seriously cute! Sorry she had such a rotten day, but she is one lucky girl to have such amazing parents! You are incredible!

Abigail said...

Cutuest little strawberry ever!! She is such a doll :)