Friday, October 28, 2011

a sweet experience

My cute neighbor Rachel called me a week ago and said that she had been thinking of ways to help out our family. She coordinates weddings and decided to talk to her favorite vidoegrapher, David Perry to see if he would make a film of our family. I can not tell you how much that touched me. I was crying so hard when I told Quinn I think he was scared at first that something was wrong. I am always amazed by how sweet people can be and it always is so nice when they reach out to us and Lila. Thank you Rachel!
Before David got there I was fretting about not catching any smiles. Lila has such a sweet personality but she is the worst performer! She has been having a good stretch the past few days, smiling and laughing but when she doesn't want to smile there is nothing you can do to get her to crack one. I sat and prayed that Lila would show the camera a few smiles so that we could catch them for the future. Right as David was suppose to show up I could tell Lila was going down. She was sucking her fingers and her eyes were rolling. She was a sleepy kid. I was so disappointed. I thought sure she never sleeps except when we do family pictures (we didn't catch one smile with Lex) or this film. I was so bummed I hate to admit that I made an angry comment to Quinn such as, whats the point of praying if you never get helped out? As David set up I was so sad to know there wouldn't be much to shoot. Just as David got set up and pushed the on button I pulled Lilas fingers from her mouth. Immediately Lila's eyes shot open and she looked right at the camera and gave several HUGE smiles. She smiled for several seconds and then was done and didn't crack even a grin the rest of the time. Quinn gave me a pinch and said, you were saying? I was so grateful I was holding back tears as David told us that he caught the smiles. Good lesson for me in not giving up on the power of prayer.
All in all it was an amazing experience, David shot us playing and kissing Lila and even filmed us talking about her - you can just imagine how that went, I hope you can even understand me through all the blubbering- I can't wait to see the finished product. I will hopefully figure out how to post it here so I can share it.
Another cool aspect of the day was meeting David. He is an amazing film maker who is also an incredible person. We actually just sat and chatted after filming about his experiences and his life and I was blown away by his faith, his dedication to the gospel and to making peoples lives better. I was truly envious of his unwavering faith. He and his wife are trying to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine who is HIV positive, the government is giving them a hard time but he has faith that everything that is suppose to happen will. That is a concept that I am struggling with. He was so kind. I mean here is a guy who is doing fundraisers to adopt his daughter and yet at the same time he is donating his talents to help us remember our sweet angel. He also makes films that he shows to the UN about adoption and the struggles of international orphans. He was named in the top 25 international best film makers for events so anyone getting married should snatch him for their wedding! Please check him out here.
Thank you David! We really appreciated all your time!


Brynn said...

What an amazing keepsake! I can't wait to see it.

blythe said...

excited to see the finished product! what a sweet experience!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

What a great idea! I'm sure it will be so wonderful!