Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flashback 2005!

Look how funny! Tory sent this picture to me a little bit ago and I thought that I would post it so that I can add it to my scrapbook. This is back the year we got married, 2005. We look like babies. Tory, Mo, Quinn and I headed down to Las Vegas for a weekend together. We did synchronized swimming in the pool (I probably shouldn't admit that, but it was really fun) walked the strip, ate yummy food, saw an interesting show and got these airbrush tattoos of our significant others initial. Thanks Tory for sending me this!


w and w said...

Kristi....I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to catch up on everything. I'm so glad to hear that you think you've pinpointed what's going on with sweet Lila. How hard I'm sure this news must be but I couldn't agree more with Quinn. And how lucky is SHE to have you out of all the mothers in the world! I love you dearly, I'll call you soon. We're not close but we love you so much!

w and w said...

Oh and I think the medical records book is an adorable idea and most likely will be invaluable. Way to have fun on the journey.