Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Eliza!!!!

Our dear friend Eliza turned seven this week. We got to go to her birthday party and celebrate this huge milestone. We love this little girl so much!
This is right after Lila went jumping with her daddy. She had big eyes for a while. It was sensory overload for a bit.
We got a few smiles after this jump session.
She gave her daddy kisses after.

Do you ever get out and realize that you have dressed your kids in the exact same color scheme?

Thanks Eliza for a wonderful night! We love you sweetie.


nikki said...

Thank you for coming! It was fun to see Lila jumping with her big eyes (Eliza did the same thing - I think we freaked her out). It is always wonderful to spend time with you guys.

blythe said...

So fun! Love that pic of you and Lila matching. You both look beautiful.

Barb said...

I love the mother/daughter outfit coordination. Very cute.

Cotter said...

I love that you two match! I do that all the time! Especially for church. The picture of Lila brushing her teeth is adorable! I'm with her... I love having the feeling of brushing my teeth. What a sweet vision therapist. They did do a bad thing getting rid of her!