Sunday, March 18, 2012

St George

I have been craving sunshine for months now! We were lucky enough to head down to the George house (as Calder has named it) and enjoy the rays. It was so nice! The last day was overcast but we had three sunshine filled days full of walks and feeling the warmth on our faces. I could live there!
Right after we took the picture above Quinn put Lila in her stroller and ran through the fountain, of course I yelled at him to get out but Lila had a huge smile on her face.
These little legs were bare the whole time, just on the last day was it a bit cool. We loved the sunshine.
These GORGEOUS blossoms were on the tree in my moms backyard, I can't wait for spring

Quinn's parents were down in Vegas for meetings so we met up with them.
We met Robyn at their hotel and sat by the pool till Todd was done with meetings. It was pretty windy but Lila loved it. She kept laughing and kicking her legs. She adores the wind.
The Gardens at the Bellagio (I know I always post about them, but I adore them! And really what else is there for a Mormon mommy to do in Vegas?) had a Holland theme with thousands of tulips! How incredibly perfect!
Enjoying Holland! like always......

So this Pic is out of order, blogger just can't seem to load right for me, but I love this one of Lila. She loved her new ride and car seat. She fell asleep several times on the drives to and fro. She kept sticking her little arm in the side and raising her hand. Quinn kept saying, "yes Lila? you have a question?"


Kelli said...

Soooo pretty!! Love the flowers, love Lila's little legs, polka dot stockings, and adrling shoes, and love Quinn's sense of humor!!

Robbie and Margot said...

You gotta love Holland. It's beautiful and so is little Miss Lila.

Diana said...

Love the Holland reference... that thing always makes me cry! :) Your daughter is so incredibly beautiful! Those eyelashes!!

I am so glad I got to come over here and get to know you a little bit. What a beautiful experience you've been blessed with. And you're going through it with a beautiful smile on your face! I wish there was a better word than "luck" to use for what I wish for you. I just know that Heavenly Father will pour down blessings on your family that may not always look like blessings until afterwards. Enjoy every single second with your angel on earth. Stop by my blog sometime! ;) (You could just look at "Becca" posts in the Labels section if you want)

I can't wait to hear the blessed journeys your other children take to join your family!!