Saturday, March 24, 2012

People are amazing! Thanks Holdaways

At Eliza's birthday party a few weeks ago I met a mother, Lisa, who had lost three children to MLD the same genetic disease that Eliza suffers from. We got to chatting and I felt like I had found another kindred spirit. We were able to relate about our special needs world and were able to talk about the realities of having to face the fact that you will say goodbye to your child in this life instead of them saying goodbye to you. I felt very uplifted by her.
This week I was surprised to see I had received a package from her. In it was this adorable outfit and a few articles and how to survive the unsurvivable. I just sobbed! Thank you so much Lisa! That was so incredibly kind.
Just when you are starting to think that this world kinda stinks you are reminded how many good people there are out there. I was so touched. It just melted my heart and again inspired me to be a better person. I have been amazed by these warrior moms, these angel keepers. They have written me notes, sent gifts and offered me words of courage. Even when they are facing the same trials or even worse. It is humbling! I love you guys. Thank you especially to my special needs moms Nikki, Lisa, Nichole, Shirley, Sandy, Rachele and Tiffany. And to all the other Moms and friends who support us!


nikki said...

You do the same for me, thank YOU!

Kelli said...


Cynthia said...

I just want you to know that in the few times we've hung out, you have influenced me to be a better mother. You are a very inspiring and strong woman. I love reading your blog and reading about sweet Lila. I admire you and think you are such an amazing mother. Thanks for befriending and sharing your story with us.

Diana said...

Networking and having friends that totally get it has saved my life! Even if we go through really different things, we go through it together. There are several groups that keep popping up on facebook for us in Utah, but my very favorite one is "Utah Kids" because I helped form it when Becca was a baby. We have been through the thick and thin together and only recently joined something other than an email listserve where I have spent many wonderful minutes (okay, HOURS!) getting and giving encouragement.