Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday sweet baby James!

This is our sweet angel friend James. He had Vici syndrome. I only know two other families that have had children with Vici and James was the first one that we were blessed to get in contact with. Finding another Vici family was like finally being able to breathe after staying under water for too long. It felt like a lifeline. A glimmer of hope. Something to grasp onto. James's mother has been incredible. She was the one who gave us the information for the researchers in London which is what finally got us a diagnosis. We couldn't love this family more.
Today would be James's third birthday. He passed away when he was 16 months old. Leaving this world while in the arms of his mother and father. For his birthday his parents usually let of balloons. We wanted to honor him today and so as a family we wrote James a card and sent it toward heaven. We also sent up Quinn's and I wishes and hopes for Lila on other balloons. We are sure that her sweet angel friend James will hear us and watch over Lila.
Happy Birthday James. We love you!


Barb said...

What a sweet tradition. Hugs.

nikki said...

Very sweet!

Steve and Liz Evans said...

Sweet little guy! Love you guys Kris!

Cynthia said...

That is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure he is watching over Lila and glad she was able to participate in the tradition. And you guys are pretty incredible too.