Friday, April 27, 2012

The tulip festival

 I think The Secret Garden was my favorite.
 I keep finding my one strong little tulip in a sea of another color.

We went to the tulip festival yesterday at thanksgiving point. It was so gorgeous! I kept telling Quinn, This is what my heaven looks like! Except little miss is running ahead of me and playing in all the flowers.
As you might have gathered already Tulips are pretty important in this family. They represent my little girl so well. They are little survivors,  they are strong and determined, they represent the story of Holland  (old post) and so therefore represent finding beauty in our situation.  I'm sure we will make the tulip festival an annual occurrence. It will be so bittersweet once Lila is no longer with us but I will still get to see her in every tulip. 


Barb said...

Beautiful day and memory! I will never look at tulips the same!

Dr. LaRisse Skene said...

So happy that you were able to enjoy all those tulips with your little tulip. :) I think yellow are my favorite now.

nikki said...

I have always wanted to go down for that. Maybe next year we can tag along with you.

A tulip is a perfect symbol for beautiful Lila. After your first Bellagio post about the one tulip standing out I have always looked for those also and thought of Miss Lila. Give her a hug from us.