Thursday, January 16, 2014

Appropriate laughter

I know I have talked about how Lila laughs at appropriate times before but it always amazes me. Who knows how much this little girl understands but at times I think she knows exactly what is going on. 
This morning I was trying to sneak in a quick workout while ruby took a nap. About fifteen minutes into my video I heard her screaming. I went and got her and put her next to Lila on the floor and started to get toys for her to be entertained enough to make it through the rest of the workout. I turned to Lila who was just sitting there and said, hey do you think it counts if mom just listens to her workout? To which Lila responded with a loud laugh, a smile and kick. I love this kid. I feel like she's my partner in day to day life. 


Barb said...

She has the most fun sense of humor.

nikki said...

I love Lila's laughs AND I think it totally counts!

Robbie and Margot said...

I think she definitely know everything that is going on!