Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014

2014. I'm a little nervous to get to know you. Usually I am so ready to start a new year but 2013 was wonderful. Lila is still here and my baby ruby joined the family. I think her birth really healed my heart a bit and I am starting to be a more positive person. I can look at the future with a new sense of hope instead of dread. But there is that nagging little thought that this could be the year that takes my girl. Lila has had so many complications in the past few months that the wheels in my head have been turning. I can't imagine my life without this bright spirit in our home. And maybe I won't have to for a while, maybe 2014 will be full of joy, happiness, new beginnings and health. I hope so. But if not I hope that I can keep this new bud of positivity in my heart.  

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Brandon and Lindsey B said...

You guys are all really so amazing. I hope your 2014 is great!