Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hospital. Again

My baby is in the hospital again. Being in the hospital is such a stressful situation. Especially right now, not living in our house and needing every extra moment to fix it up so that we can settle in. But the hospital is also beautiful. It reminds me that my little one is still here. Despite all of her complications she's hanging in there and staying with me. It also shows me just how lucky I am for wonderful supportive family and friends. Quinn has been amazing going to work and then quickly running to the hospital to sleepover with Lila. We've had grandparents sit by her and aunts. We are lucky that so many people love Lila and are willing to drop everything to sit with her so that she doesn't have to be alone while I am keeping up breast-feeding baby away from a germy hospital

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vintageblueballoon said...

Praying for you guys!!! Love that beautiful face.