Saturday, March 15, 2014


My friend Catrina's little charlee passed away this morning. Catrina and I met at special needs support group and were the only ones with known to be terminal (some kids may pass away from their seizures someday so it's hard to say they are not terminal) illnesses. To be honest I never thought Lila would outlive her little girl.  When I met her she could still sit up, eat and smile. They had just gone to Disney world with make a wish. She seemed far healthier than Lila in so many ways. It was quite the shock that she declined so quickly and finally left her family this morning. It goes to show that we don't know what is in store and that it's all in His hands and timing. I wish for peace at this time for Catrina and her family. It just breaks my heart. 

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Jett Powered Foundation said...

So sorry to read this :-( Everything is definitely in God's hands, but it's still so hard to accept sometimes!