Sunday, May 18, 2014

that week

The week in between Lila's passing and the funeral was extremely special. Looking back now I can tell that we had a lot of help from above. Somehow we still managed to get out of bed everyday, breathe in and out and even be there for Ruby. Somehow.
I also was touched by the acts of kindness that we received. Hundreds of flowers filled our home, sweet notes about lila warmed our hearts. Friends and family showed up at all hours of the day. The ones from out of town  dropped everything and drove or flew to be by our sides. Quinn's friends showed up to mow our lawn and mine showed up to weed and plant flowers. Meals were delivered and hugs were given. Even our new neighborhood whom we have not had the chance to get to know were quick to give meals, books and gifts.
I guess thats the beauty of grief. It brings out the best in those around you.

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Bart and Michelle said...

Just got caught up reading your past few touching to read. Love you so much.