Sunday, May 11, 2014

To the best mom I know

My sweet Kristi. I would give anything to get our little girl back. So I will do everything to get back to her. Starting with honoring the mom who takes care of my girls. I love you. I hope to make everyday a joy to you as you have made it a joy to me


amanda said...

That is so sweet. You are an incredible family and such wonderful examples. There are lots of prayers in your behalf.

Carolyn said...

I decided to check your blog out. I hope that is ok. I loved it so much I got to the birthday letter post. It looks like Lila and I share a birthday. What an honor to share with such a beautiful angel. I also have a genetic disorder, but mine mostly keeps me from being unable to naturally get pregnant. I could do IVF as you did, but at the moment I'm still single. You are a beautiful mom and I hope its ok that I read your blog.

Unknown said...


I'm still sobbing as I type this. I am so amazed with how you were so in tune with the spirit to experience Lila's last days as you did; taking family pictures, cuddling, talking, and playing. It was like you knew...and I bet looking back you will see exactly how Heavenly Father put the pieces in place for when the angels came to get Lila. He needed your permission and what a great SACRIFICE you gave. Lila has left and will always have a special place in my heart. I have always looked up to you for the amount of LOVE that you gave Lila each and every day. She is in good hands now and will now be the one to now lift you up. Every time I see a tulip, I will always be reminded of Lila. Just like a tulip, she brought life, beauty, and a sweetness to this world. Thanks for writing such a great blog post. You have a way of putting things into perspective for me and I will always be grateful. Love, Tennille (