Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ruby's first birthday party

happy birthday to my Ruby Q! We had family over to have cake and ice cream and celebrate this amazing little girl in our lives. 

Ruby's favorite animal at the san diego zoo was the flamingo so we had to get one in somehow

This kid is so on the move that we couldn't get a picture of her in her "1" sticker. Quinn finally improvised 

We had yummy cake and swig cookies (not pictured) 


I was so excited for the smashing of the cake. This is the first time that we have celebrated a birthday that the little one could try the cake. I was thrilled and Ruby didn't disappoint. She jumped right in. 

Getting so fresh and so clean 

These teenagers didn't want to  be photographed. I can't handle that they are getting so big. 

Ruby wore the same shirt that Lila wore on her first birthday 


nikki said...

It looks like a wonderful party. I love it all the streamers, her cake and all the smiling faces.

We want to have belated birthday celebration the next time we are together.

Barb said...

Cutest decorations! And I loved the cake smash- way to go, Ruby!