Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The fourth.

I realized I had never posted the fourth of July pictures. 
It was our first big holiday without the little lady and it was truly excruciating without her with me but we tried to make the best if things and do some really fun activities. We went up to park city with my family and watched the parade. Then we swam, had a pie eating contest, BBQ 'ed, made s'mores and watched foreworks. It was the all American day. 

Trying to get a better look at the floats 

Lila wore this on her grits fourth as well 

My sweet husband. I was having a hard time on the fourth. Missing my girl and all and Quinn decided he had to do something to make me laugh. He sneaked out of the hotel and then texted us to look at the crazy dancers across the street. He was in the very middle dancing like a mad man. It was pretty darn funny and made me laugh. What a sweetie. 


Of course I couldn't stop dreaming of my Lila and the time we spent doing all the same fun activities. Here she is on her first fourth. I miss you love. 

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