Monday, January 12, 2015


I want to remember all the funny little things. This blog has helped with that. Especially tiny moments with Lila. .i want to remember some of these little Ruby moments.
- the day she refused to take off her hat
- the day she discovered canee  (candy) and  was so desperate for a candy cane that she pulled out a chair and climbed onto the cabinet to find one. Once I caught her she innocently looked up at me with a mouth full of candy and said  canee?
- how every beautiful princess we see is lila. How on Christmas morning her cousin had on pajamas that had a princess on it and Ruby immediately pointed to it and said Lila.
- how  when ruby gets frustrated she calls me honey in the same tone that I say to Quinn when I'm frustrated.
- how her little mind is starting to put together words, like yesterday when at church she looked right up at me and said "don't mommy"
-how she calls matchsticks "happy" because we use them when we sing happy birthday.
- her favorite thing to do is brush her teeth, she loves to steal mom and dads toothbrush. 
-how everything is "So Hot" even when its cold. 
-how are home is covered in ziploc baggies because the drawer that we keep them in is too low. 
-how musical she is. She constantly sings in the car. Sounds more like a yell but we might be going to juilliard. 
-the day I was sad I had to go through IVF and Ruby looked at me and said momma. I knew I would do anything for her and for her sister and for anymore to come. 


nikki said...

I LOVE this!!! It is so much fun when they start communicating. I love her little spitfire personality.

Barb said...

What a cute little sprite!