Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baby boy

Baby boy. The ultrasound went well. The first image we saw was spread eagle and definate boy. We are excited ! 
 While we were doing it though I started to notice that the tech was spending a lot of time looking at his heart. When the doctor came in I was prepared for some bad news. He sat down and told us that little boy looks perfect except for a little tiny spot on his heart. He told us it's a long complicated word but basically means that the bands in his heart are a little thick. It could resolve itself and mean absolutely nothing or it could be indicative of a genetic syndrome. You could probably understand that this was a little hard to hear. Quinn is positive and has no doubts that it will resolve itself. I am feeling mixed feelings, I am sure that it will resolve itself and be fine but there is also that part of me that wonders if we are in for another special-needs journey.
Either way. We love you baby boy 

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Barb said...

Prayers going up for this little baby and his incredible parents.