Saturday, June 13, 2015

To Celebrate With You is Magic

My Love. I would give you what you want if I had the power and the faith. I would trade my life for that of our little girl and give her the chance to live and to love as I have. You know I would. That is what you have given me Kristi, a glimpse of the love our Creator has for us. Celebrations these days, for us, arrive hand in hand with grief. Knowing that, please know when I say happy birthday my sweet, I mean find peace, touch joy, leave doubt and loneliness. Rise above the clouds today. See what we have seen before. See that perfect love you deserve. And if our little lady visit you all the better :)

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nikki said...

This is so sweet, Quinn! We thought about you all day yesterday, Kristi. I hope you had a wonderful day. We hope to celebrate with you in person soon.