Friday, September 4, 2015

First day of preschool alone

This little lady had her first day of going to preschool all on her own. (Hence the celebration of swimming and all the Popsicles she wanted) I was worried that she would have a really hard time, especially since she told me "no preschool" this morning. But she did incredible! She walked right in, picked out her picture from the attendance board put it in the basket and sat down and started to play. No tears, no clinging. I was amazed. She continues to surprise me. Since it was Quinn's day off he got to go with us to drop her off. I was surprised that daddy had more tears than mamma and baby combined. (I had my tears the first day) as we walked away we marveled again that we have a child who is going to preschool. That she could walk in, that we don't have to worry about her health while she is there, that she can communicate with her teachers.  It's all so overwhelming. We are incredibly grateful for this miracle in our lives. 

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Jill England said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog. I love every post. I should comment on each one. I'm so glad Ruby's first real day was a success. That girl is a miracle in every sense of the word and you have had the blessing of raising two miracle daughters. Wow, that makes you one incredible mother. Love you so very much!