Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Willa's fairy festival

Jill told me about Willa's fairy festival, a mother lost her daughter at four days old and has since held a fairy festival with all the proceeds going to charity. It was very magical and I'm sure will be a yearly tradition. 

Talking to fairies 

This picture is so beautiful and yet I have been sobbing looking at it. Our sweet neighbor could pass for Lila. This picture looks like this could very well have been my two girls. This is what it would have looked like if Lila had never been born sick. I wish my girls had each other. I am so sad they are not looking in fairy houses together and enjoying the magic. In this life we will just have sweet surrogates 

Ruby's fairy name was petunia Faye jewelbird.  So hilarious 

Maclaren s was lilac jeweldancer. Watching her was really hard. She was wearing a small tulip necklace and she is just the right age. (They are six months apart) and just that her "name" ended up being lilac. It was tender day 

Treats ! 

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