Thursday, December 10, 2015

a miracle

Since Lila came into our lives we have seen so much beauty, not just from her but from those who have fallen in love with her. One of those people is Heather Pickett. We went to high school together and she has become an incredible photographer. She reached out to me when Ruby was born to take her newborn pictures and she captured so many amazing images of my girls and our family. I was blown away that she would so graciously donate her talents to my family. When Lila passed she accompanied  us to the funeral home and took precious photos of Quinn and I dressing her. She put them into a book for us to always look back and remember our last moments with our daughter. When Eddie was born I knew I wanted Heather to take our family pictures. I knew that these photos would be especially hard without Lila and I knew that Heather would be able to somehow make them into something that I could feel alright about. I was ready for Heather to take amazing images, I wasn't at all ready for what I got. She created a miracle; a glimpse into heaven and I couldn't be more humbled and grateful. How do you thank someone for that? Even if I told Heather everyday "thank you" it would never be enough. It is my early christmas present, it is a tender mercy, it was inspired. I could take these first family photos without my daughter and see not the huge gaping hole that is there but our entire family. I am forever in her debt. These moments of true beauty help me to realize that there is a loving God who helps heal our hearts with the help of friends.  I know that Heather was meant to be in our lives to help in this dreadful transition. I am grateful

After all that how horrible am I that I am not posting them yet?! I have sent them out for Christmas card and I want people to be surprised. But here is a little example. Isn't my little boyfriend just dreamy?

Thank you so much Heather! You are a gift.  Heather Pickett photography 

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nikki said...

Heather is an amazingly sweet person and talented photographer. I cannot wait to see the rest.