Monday, December 27, 2010

five months

Lila is five months today. Mixed emotions again. What a little beauty Queen she is becoming! She is the most gorgeous baby! Sorry, but I don't feel the least bit bad to brag about her. She is so beautiful. She is calm and just goes with the flow. All of the poking and prodding of doctors has been met with a quiet patience.
I am sad that this post doesn't get to include all the normal things that five month olds do. With each passing day a bit of my hope dies, and with each month mark I feel the weight of this situation heavier on my heart. I have to wonder if I will ever have my baby look at me and smile, or have a conversation with her.
We went over to Quinn's parents house last night and Todd shared some of his thoughts about the situation with us. He told us some beautiful experiences he has had that has strengthened his faith in miracles and in a loving Heavenly Father. It was a wonderful and spiritual night and at the end he gave Lila a beautiful blessing. I hope that we do get to see some progress soon. But as we were leaving Robyn said something to me that has stuck with me all morning, she said that as she has talked to Todd about Lila the thought came to her that Lila must be a brave little soul, that she knew what kind of challenges that she would have to face in this life and she still decided to come. What a courageous, special kid she is, and that we just have to be brave enough in return to help her on her journey.
I am truly blessed.


Barb said...

She truly is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!

Lila's birth announcement is still on my fridge and Lila is in my thoughts and prayers often. Yesterday, my niece and nephew were over and asked me about her picture. I told them that she was my friend's baby and her name was Lila and I kept her picture up there because she is sick and needs us to pray for her. When we said our prayer over our lunch, they both said, "Don't forget Baby Lila!"

Kelli said...

She looks SO beautiful! I L.O.V.E. her in that dress!

lindsey kaye said...

kristi and quinn.. your little girl is so beautiful. I haven't read your blog in SO long so when I finally did it brought a tear to my eye. You are such an amazing mother and I know that you have been blessed to have this little girl enter your life. ONly certain types of people have the heart and patience to do this. I miss you so much and am so happy to see that you all are doing well.

Anya said...

Lila looks sooo beautiful!!! You can just see her light shining so brightly in this pic, I love her- and please tell her so, along with a "Happy Belated Monthday Lila!" you are all spectacular :)