Monday, January 10, 2011

Grandma Thomson

My Grandmother Thomson passed away on Thursday. She was 88 years old. She went in for an operation and never recovered. I was so blessed to be able to go over to IMC and tell her I love her and good bye on the day she passed. She woke up enough to give me a huge smile and tell me she loved me. It was such a special moment. I feel so sad that she is gone but so happy for her as well. All day that day she just kept saying, I wish I could just go. She is now reunited with my grandpa after 18 years of being without him.
My grandma was so fun. We loved to sleepover at her house when we were kids. We always did the same things but they were so fun and we always looked forward to them. We went to the natural history museum at the Y, the doll museum (which Mikey loved!) we went to peppermint place, we made cotton candy, watched old movies, danced in the moonlight, played on the slip in slide, went down her zip line and played with the treasure trove of toys that she was always collecting. When I was little I loved going to her house, it was filled with the most amazing things. There was always a new gadget, and she was always willing to sit down and show it to me. My grandma was always the social butterfly. She was really involved in the community and was even on city counsel. She was instrumental in building a huge park down in Pleasant Grove. She loved to chat and she would always bring her heritage gifts (my cousins are smiling) I will miss her dearly. She was such a wonderful, fun grandma. I am so happy that she was healthy till right up until the end. She lived alone, and even kept up her yard with very little help. What a blessing that she went to fast. We Love you GGT!


Barb said...

What a great lady- she sounds so fun! I'm glad she went peacefully.

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

I love that you put GGT in there! Great post!


Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Also, I was going to mention that a couple of years ago Lindsey and I tried to find the doll museum in Provo. We had the address and went there, and unfortunately it had been closed and turned into student apartments. We were sad we couldn't catch it one last time. It was so much fun doing things with Grandma and you guys. Such great memories!