Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank you Sandie, Mark and Matthew!!!

Lila got her first package in the mail. Our dear friends Sandie, Mark and Matthew from Oregon sent Lila an adorable outfit, jammies and some delicious trader Joes cookies (why cant we have trader joes in Utah?) Doesn't she look adorable? They are so nice and cozy.
Sandie has become one of my dearest friends. We met because she found my blog and she has become an invaluable resource and support ever since. Her son Matthew has a missing corpus callosum, and back when we thought that that was the only reason, besides the cataracts, that Lila was behind Sandie was constantly emailing me and giving me words of encouragement. She spent hours researching for me and trying to find other kiddos like Lila. She even had Vici syndrome on a list of possibilities way before I googled it and asked Lilas doctors about it. She is so amazing. She goes out of her way to lift others and help them through difficult situations. Its so wonderful how people come into your life to help you along. She is one of the most Christ like perosn I have ever known and I feel so blessed that she found our little blog and reached out to us. She is an example to me and something I feel like I can aspire to.
Thank you Sandie, Mark and Matthew for Lilas and our presents. That was so kind of you!
This was a big smile but my camera time is slow. So this is just the end of it.


Kelli said...

Sandie this is Kristi's sister, and I am so grateful for you too! You have been such a strength to my little sister this last year!!! Thank you so much!!

Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...

Kristi, You are so sweet. Thank you for all of the very kind words that you wrote. My prayers continue to be with you and your family.

It is so much fun to see Lila wearing the little outfits. And it was lots of fun to pick out little girl clothes for Lila (since I am the mom of a boy). It was absolutely wonderful to read about Lila taking a liking to the pink bow on her board (her favorite) and finding it even when you moved the pink bow around.

Those lovely Lila smiles are sent straight from heaven to your heart. Lila is such a beautiful little girl.

Thank you for the very pretty Christmas card from your family that arrived in the mail. It is hanging on the inside of our front door with the other cards.

Kelli, Thank you very much for your incredibly nice note. Kristi is so very blessed to have such a supportive and special sister.

Love & Christmas blessings,