Friday, April 18, 2014

Eight months

Eight months for miss Rue! She has so much personality. She rolls everywhere! She is so close to crawling, she will sit up and launch herself forward and kind of bellyflop.  She constantly says mamamamamama!! And needs tons of attention. I've definitely spoiled her. She loves the dog unfortunately the feeling is not mutual, and she is the only one she consistanly wants to give kisses to. Gross. She loves to pinch. Tiny razor sharp pinches. Oh and pull hair. She has an amazing belly laugh that can turn into a cry in .1 second. She loves cords, way more than any toy. She has one and a half teeth, the front bottom. She is very ticklish and loves to be startled. She must have got that from her sister. She "curtsies" she will look at you smile and do this adorable little bow. 
I use to hate when people would list what their kid had accomplished. It was always so painful but everything ruby does is so exciting. I just can't help but be overwhelmed by gratitude. 

Will not leave the sticker on for very long anymore. 

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