Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ten months

Ruby is ten months. She is such a little mover, this was literally the best picture of her with her ten month sticker out of about thirty. This little lady can't sit still. What an incredible blessing. 
Ruby is hilarious. She use to love to say no, but that has turned to saying Yea, or yesh (yes) She is extremely attached to her mama, and will cry with just about everyone else if left alone for a few minutes. She is getting so close to walking. She can stand up on her own and balance for at least half a minute. She still does her funny scrunched up face, or her pirate face as her daddy calls it. She loves to swim just like her big sister and has even started to laugh like Lila. Its sort of like a sucking in noise while laughing . Maybe she learned it from her visits with Lila. 
Little Rue has seriously been my saving Grace. I now know why I was always panicked about not having more children and the need to have a child when Lila left me. Ruby is the only reason I can get out of bed in the morning. If I didn't have her life would be very very bleak right now. I think Lila knew me and knew that and patiently waited to have Ruby come and be with me. 
We love you precious gem

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Robbie and Margot said...

I sure love her cute smile. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in the process of her learning how to walk. I love it when they first start walking. What a beautiful blessing she is. Hope she is giving you guys extra love when you need a pick me up.