Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make a wish

When Lila passed away we were in the middle of her make a wish process. After the funeral I asked them if we could still go to the make a wish house and raise her star and make wishes in her honor in the wish room. They were wonderful and said they would be glad to have us.
It was an extremely beautiful night. I felt Lila with us. We stood as a family in the make a wish room and wished happiness to Lila. We wished that she was using her now perfect body, we wished that she could still be with her family who missed her so fully and we wished that she knew just how much she was loved and missed.

Lila's star

I brought a picture of Lila because I was not and am still not ready for a family photo without her.

Make a wish gave Lila a wooden box with her named carved on it with a key to the wish room.
The stars of some amazing little angels
Making a wish in the wishing pond

Lila up on the make a wish board.

Entering the wish room

Reading our wishes
My dearest girl
I wish for you extreme happiness. Giddy, all consuming happiness
I wish that your legs and arms are constantly busy
I wish that you are running, jumping, twirling and skipping
I wish that your arms are wrapped around the necks of loved ones and that your hands are constantly being held
I wish that your full body laugh is frequent
I wish that your little voice is finally being able to tell all that you want to say
i wish that you know of my love and my ache to hold you.
I wish that you know just how proud I am of you
I wish you complete joy

Poppy got to put our wishes into the wishing sculpture.

Raising Lila's star

The sun hit her star at just the right moment. Lila was telling us she was there.

Our amazing family


Jett Powered Foundation said...

So beautiful! I love how the sun hit so perfectly on Lila's star. What wonderful wishes you have for her as well and what an AMAZING family/support system you have.

Sending love to you all!

Love, Tennille, Cody, and Jett Boseman

Robbie and Margot said...

What wonderful wishes! Lila has such and amazing family, so glad she could make an appearance for the lifting of her star.

Barb said...

What a special experience.