Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrating Lila

It's Lila's birthday tomorrow. I went back and forth if I was going to do something or not. Last minute I decided it had to be celebrated.
 It was nice, getting ready for it made me feel like she was still with me, like  it was just another year to celebrate. We made cotton candy and home made root beer. We sent up sky lanterns in Lila's honor and had a finale of fireworks. (Which Quinn picked out and scared the whole neighborhood) it was a sweet little night. 

Ruby loves cotton candy just as much as her sister 

I like this photo cause Ruby was loosing it and here is my uh oh face. 


Lighting the big box of fireworks. 

Poor ruby was loosing it. Too much sugar and no sleep. 
Thank goodness for this guy. This day has been so hard. If it wasn't for Quinn to help me through it  I'm not sure where I would be. 
It was good to celebrate and then lay in bed and sob. 

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Robbie and Margot said...

Looks like the best celebration for Lila. She definitely was smiling down on you guys and probably wishing she could have some of that yummy cotton candy. You are such strong people.