Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Photos

 I realized I never posted the family photos that we got just two days before Lila passed. I had scheduled them months in advance since I was desperate to have pictures of Lila among the tulips. I never thought for one second these would be our last family photos.

Lila was sick and fresh out of the hospital. I thought about canceling and rescheduling but then I told myself there is never a guarantee of health with Lila. I should just get them done. I am really glad I did. Even though as I look at these I can tell my angel is so sick and feeling horrible I am grateful for these images. Our last moments as an earthly family.

I am so indebted to Heather Pickett who reedited  these images for me. If I had known these were going to be our last pictures I would have asked her to take them in the first place. But we went to a quick photo chain. When we got the images I was so sad. They were very overexposed. Luckily sweet heather worked her magic and they look a lot better! Thank you 

My poor girl. She was really struggling that day. I wonder if she knew what was coming. I hope angels were there to help her through her transition.

I simply adore this image. The trip was worth it even for just this one. How Lila is snuggled into her daddy and how she looks so angelic.

After these photos we placed Lila in the back of the car to change her diaper and put her in more comfortable clothes.  I thanked her for being such a trooper and she gave me a huge smile. I laughed and said, You stinker! you wait till after photos to smile? to which she responded with a precious laugh. That would be our last  smile and laugh. But it is still seared into my memory where I hope it stays safe and treasured forever.


Barb said...

These photos are so beautiful. What treasures.

Robbie and Margot said...

All of these photos are beautiful! I agree the one of Lila and Quinn is just perfect. I also love the one of you holding Lila, you can truly see how much you love her in your smile and face.