Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trying to live

I'm trying to continue to live. It's been really hard just to function, to try to go places, to talk to people.  I try really hard everyday for Ruby. I want her to have experiences and feel loved. I feel like we are helping each other through this. 

This was Ruby's first trip to the zoo. Of course we have to ride the giraffe in honor or our angel 

Going to the aquarium. Ruby loved the fishes. It amazing that she can watch the fish and enjoy the experience. 
I took ruby to the zoo on my birthday I wanted to be in a place that I had spent time with Lila. I wanted to see the giraffes and feel the peace that they bring me. 
We went to the play place at the mall. Ruby loved it. She loved to watch the kids and climb. This kid is a mover. She is all over the place.  She loves to do this little downward dog yoga move. She does it all the time. 


Barb said...

Ruby and Lila are lucky to have such a strong and brave mom. I can only imagine how hard this is and how awful it feels every day. I'm grateful that you have Ruby to brighten this dark time.

Robbie and Margot said...

Miss Ruby is so lucky to have you.