Thursday, December 11, 2014

Costa rica

We had the amazing opportunity to go to Costa Rica with Quinn's high school friends and their wives. We had a wonderful time. 

The house we stayed at was incredible. Right on the beach with a pool and a staff to cook our meals. We were very spoiled. 

We kayaked to an island and collected sea shells 

The girls, Megan, Fran, Danielle, me, Rachel, Alyssa, Rachel and Tracy

Zip lining through the trees

Rachel and John Firmage, Ryan and Fran Jensen, rachel and james Lillian, ryan and megan verno, Ty and Danielle Perry, mike and Alissa firmage, Mike and tracy Irving, and steve Fletcher

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nikki said...

I'm jealous! This looks like an incredible, and much deserved, vacation. I'm glad you were able to go.