Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2014

This Christmas was so hard. I knew it would be. I wanted my whole family together. How could it ever feel like Christmas without Lila?! My present for the past four three years had been that she was still with me. Now that she wasn't is just wasn't Christmas. I miss my little family all together. I miss what that complete feeling was. I know that Lila was having the most amazing celebration of the birth of Christ, I can't even fathom the beauty, but for me it was incredibly painful. This little girl brought so much light, so much joy. She was intensely missed. 

Ruby was far to excited for Christmas to stop for a picture. 

Sienna and Ruby, these two were hilarious. They wanted to be friends but its just so hard when the other person is always playing with something that you want.

It was a white Christmas! I am so glad. There was no snow until late Christmas eve. It was pretty magical 

Ruby was fascinated by her great grandmother 

Visiting our sweet angel 

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