Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lila's pool

One of the reasons we bought our home was because it had a pool in the backyard. Lila loved the pool so much, it was one of her great joys to float and get all that weight off her broken body. We thought it would be amazing to have a pool for her to have water therapy. I'm not sure I would've bought a home with a pool otherwise with having other little children running around but we thought that Lila  would truly benefit from it. When she passed away quinn and I struggled with what we were going to do with the pool. Our first thought was to fill it in, but gradually we did nothing and it turned into a neglected and disgusting swamp. When Quinn's friends came and cleaned up our backyard it motivated me to get going on the neglected pool. Quinn and I finally decided to get some bids on what it would cost to clean up the pool. We decided to open it in lilas honor. 

It was disgusting. Our year of neglect certainly showed. Professionals came and drained it, acid washed it and got it all ready to fill. 

Heaven help our water bill. 

Before it was all set up and chlorinated. Quinn threw cubbie in. She hated it! The panic in her eyes! She swam to the stairs and ran, I don't think I'll have to worry about a dog in my pool. 

Finally swimming in the pool was very emotional. This was Lila's  favorite activity, in the pool it was nice and warm and ready for her. We miss her so much and wish that she was with us every single day. (don't worry there is a safety cover on the pool when not in use for my little daredevil Ruby.) 

Ruby is swimming for her sissy 

Floating , I hope Lila is right there with us 


Lena said...

Oh my goodness! It looks so great! Can't wait for a swim in the near future. Crossing my fingers we can get out to Utah again soon. Love you!

Nelson Myers said...

At first I didn't think you were serious, but those pictures tell a different story. Once you cleaned the water and the pool surface, it came back to life again. She looks like she is absolutely loving being in the pool with you guys. The dog is going to have some fun times too in that crystal clear blue water.