Sunday, July 12, 2015


Our dear sweet friend Eliza returned to Heavenly Father this week. As with Lila we knew this day would come and yet it shocked us and broke our hearts. I am so happy that Eliza is free of the pain of MLD but I ache that her sweet spirit is no longer with us.
Nikki and Callahan were absolutely amazing to us when Lila was born. They took us under their wing and showed us that life was still beautiful after a terminal diagnosis. Nikki has helped me change g tubes, given me advice on strollers and medical equipment and helped me traverse the special needs world. But more importantly she gave me a listening ear of someone who truly understood all that I was going through. My heart is broken for them. It has been completely  humbling being on this side of the tragedy. I want so much to help ease the pain, to say or do something that will help and yet I know all too well that nothing I do will ever ease this intense ache.
My only comfort is to think of those two little girls reunited and giggling furiously.  The are skipping and twirling in beautiful perfect bodies and finally being able to have the conversations that they were always meant to have.
We love you so much Eliza.

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