Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Car seat

If we are ever blessed with healthy children I swear I will never take for granted something as simple as transportation ever again. I have been stressing out over the "car seat issue" for several months now. If you can believe it Lila is still in her infant carrier. I didn't know how to transition her into a bigger car seat. Since she can't hold her head up, run of the mill car seats just wont work. To make a long story short after several phone calls, talking to special needs parents, and doctors visits at several clinics, Primarys finally suggested this one. We took it for our first test run today and Lila was struggling. She is not use to sitting up like that and it makes it hard for her to breathe. I guess long car rides are out for us. Through it all Lila continues to be a trooper. While sitting in the back with her, with her struggling to breathe, Lila kept giving me coy looks from under her lashes and crooked smiles.


Barb said...

That is scary and hard. I'm sorry!

Dr. LaRisse Skene said...

Poor little missy :(