Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines day!!!

Caution: sappy Love post!!!
The night before Valentines sweet Quinn decorated the house after I went to bed. He left cute "I love you" signs all over the house.
Lila's Valentine shirt from her Grandma.
One of Quinn's signs. They were all so cute and made my day!
During our Valentines day dinner I put on Disney Pixar Shorts for Lila. We had never tried watching TV before. She was laughing out loud and watching the screen. She definitely stole the show. She especially liked it when a baby laughed. It was adorable.
Going crazy with Martinellis. I love that Quinn is always making me laugh.
Our little Cupid..

I Love Valentines day. A holiday to acknowledge and revel in Love. It is the best reminder not to take those you love for granted. I have felt overwhelmed with all the love that has come into my life this past year. Lila has brought the most sincere form of Love to me, she also has brought individuals into our life who have shown us love and support. Its always humbled me to receive their kindness.
We had a wonderful day. Quinn started it out on a good note. Then we met him for Lunch. I love seeing Quinn in the middle of the day. Then we headed up to Primarys. I think Lila had heard me telling too many people that I was so grateful not to be in the hospital this year for Valentines day like we were last year so she decided to remedy that. She has a lump in her abdomen that needed to be looked at with ultrasound. She is ok. Just another rare situation for a kid her age. But she is going to be just fine. Not to be admitted was a nice Valentines day present! Then we finished with a quite dinner at home. Perfect.
I want to tell all our family how much we love you! You have been so incredible this last year and the love you have shown us fills my soul. Its hard not to fill extremely blessed on this day.
And to the love of my life. My forever Valentine. I love you. You have taught me what true love is. How am I so blessed to have you? I feel so lucky. My first try at a happily ever after didn't work out and I didn't know how I would recover, then you came in and saved me, and you have been saving me every day since. You are my best friend and I know we can tackle anything together. I am so excited for all the adventures to come. Love you.


nikki said...

So sweet! You guys are a great couple. I love the decorations and the signs - very kind!

Barb said...

What a great celebration! I'm glad Lila's lump turned out to be minor.

Kelli said...

:-) LOVE YOU!!!

Cynthia said...

1. Your blog is so cute.
2. Quinn is such a sweetie.
3. Yay for not being admitted into the hospital.
4. We loved hanging out with you the other day. Hope there are lots more days like that.