Wednesday, February 22, 2012

feeling grateful

A good friend of ours found some more research on Vici syndrome. A task that is not easily done. I thought we had seen it all, but we are grateful for more information even if it is hard to read at times. After looking them over I am feeling rather grateful this evening. It seems as though Lila is rather high functioning for a Vici child. I know it seems rather odd to call Lila high functioning but in her peer group she is. Many families never got smiles, laughs or babbling. I am feeling immensely blessed that we have gotten that tiny glimpse into our little Lila's personality. I will cherish every laugh, smile and conversation we have even more. Once again Lila has taught us not to take anything for granted.


Barb said...

I need to remember not to take the little things for granted more often.

nikki said...

She's all are!

~Nichole~ said...

You are SO lucky to see that beautiful smile... I know how much that means to you... <3