Wednesday, May 9, 2012

sweet baby Jett

 Lila's future boyfriend Jett.
 Poor baby Jett. He just got his GJ tube in his tummy and had surgery to fix his cleft palate so he wasn't a happy boy. Could you blame him? what a trooper! 
Lila wasn't feeling very good either right before Jett came. She was hysterical and I thought we would just have to put her to bed (hence the jammies) but once Jett came she calmed down. 
 holding hands....

 Baby Jett gave Lila some blocks. She loves them! Thank you!!!! We have had a fun morning building them up, knocking them down and feeling the soft fuzzy sides. Thank you so much.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine was telling me how she was following the story of an old classmate of ours from high school and his family. Cody and Tennille were trying to find answers about what was going on with their little guy Jett. Looking at what they were going through I could totally relate and reached out on facebook. We have been corresponding for the past few weeks and finally had them over to dinner last night so that we could chat and our angel babies could meet. In the meantime Jett has been diagnosed with pontocerebellar hypoplasia. Another rare genetic condition that will take him from his family far too soon.  What a sweet little guy he is! I just wanted to cuddle and love him all night but he wasn't feeling to good so I just had to chat with him and give him loves from afar.
Thanks Cody and Tennille for coming over and sharing your angel with us. You guys are awesome! We are so sad you are moving but we will keep in touch. Love you baby Jett!


kathy said...
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kathy said...

Wow. I stumbled onto your blog shortly after Lila was born, and have followed her story ever since. My daughter-in-law's sister went to school with Tenille, so I have also followed Jett's story since he was born, linking through her blog. It's so awesome to see these two stories join together! These little beings are so precious and strong, and even though I don't know either of them personally, I gain so much from them, and admire them more than words can say. I can't imagine two more gorgeous babies! I'm so impressed by the grace and dignity that you guys all possess as you care for them. Thanks for sharing them with strangers like me! And, yeah, Lila and Jett make a pretty cute couple!

Unknown said...

In that first picture of Jett, he is giving us a great shot of his fixed lip. Haha! I wish he would have been a happier boy last night, but as you said, can we blame him? Poor little dude. Well we just LOVE little Lila and can't wait to see her again soon. I'm glad she loved the blocks. Thanks again for having us over!

Barb said...

I'm glad you guys connected and were able to draw support from each other!

vintageblueballoon said...

So amazing. I was on Facebook and saw that Picture of Jett and Lila. Tenille was a classmate of mine in Logan. Such small and amazing world. I look forward to every little thing you write on your blog. Lila has a special place in our prayers and hearts. We love you guys.