Friday, June 15, 2012

29 is pretty fun

 Usually as you get older birthdays are a bit anti-climatic but I had a blast this birthday. Thanks to the peps who hung out with me! In the morning these lovely ladies ( Barb, Liz, Nikki and Lindsey ) surprised me and took me to breakfast. That made my day. Thanks Liz for organizing it! You guys are such good friends. I felt like we were back in high school.  It really meant a lot to me ladies. Thank you!
 Then I hung out with these two great friends in the afternoon.
 Quinn took me to my favorite Sushi place that night, and Little Miss was so sweet and didn't cry for us the whole time we were eating. she must have known it was mommy's birth day.
 On Thursday Quinn kept the party going and we headed up to Park City for some yummy food right on main street and a ride down the alpine slide ( Thanks Auntie Riss for watching Lila! ) We had so much fun. I totally beat Quinn on the slide, even with him cheating!

 I thought Quinn was being so cute giving me a kiss on the ski lift, it was after I was downloading the pic that I saw it was a lick!
Thursday we went to dinner with some friends in the neighborhood. (blogger wouldn't let me put this caption under the right picture ) These ladies, LaRisse, Cynthia and Lena have been my Monday night bachelorette buddies. We get together to watch the show but most of the time it is forgotten and we talk till two in the morning laughing and sobbing. They have been an incredible support system. They also inspire me. They have been through a lot.

The last pic is our niece Poppy showing Lila her care bears. We got that pic while we were in park city. It has been such a blessing to have incredibly supportive family. thank you!

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Brynn said...

Glad you had a good day! Sorry I couldn't make breakfast.