Thursday, June 28, 2012

The zoo

 The Thomson family headed to the zoo with new baby Sienna and the whole crew!

 Ever since Gracie asked Lila what her favorite animal was and she smiled when she got to "giraffe" we have loved these graceful giants. I think they fit the little one pretty well. Quiet, elegant creatures with a big presence and long eyelashes to boot.

 Lila loves the sunshine. Every time we pulled up her sunshade she gave a huge smile.
 Cool pic huh?
 I can't believe my nephew Ben is this old!! Crazy.
 Rocky shores was pretty awesome

 It was baby Sienna's first trip to the zoo. Its tradition to bring the new little ones to the zoo as a family. Isn't she adorable?
Calder loves Benny. He was so cute all day. When Calder is cuddly you have to jump on it.
I also love that you can see Gracie in the background taking care of Lila. She is such a sweetheart to her.

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Cotter said...

Those family pictures are incredible!! What an incredible gift!! The zoo looks so fun!! I'm dying over how old Ben is! Wow! You're a brave woman to climb up on the giraffe on the merry go round. I'm always afraid I will fall flat on my face. Can't wait to see you guys!!