Friday, June 1, 2012

memorial day in George (and a picture overload)

 We took Lila swimming for the first time! The Sweet Williams family invited us to go swimming at their family's house down in St George. It was so fun. Look at this little fish. She takes after her uncle Mikey! She would be a great backstroker. She floated like a champ. I think she liked it. She fell asleep! I bet getting all her weight and pressure off her little body just made her super comfy.   
Thanks Nikki and Callahan! we had so much fun. Thanks to Nikki for taking so many pics for us. We forgot our camera and the i phone was ok but Nikki's pics are great! Thanks! 
 A little tired after a day of swimming
 Caroline was Lila's swimming buddy. Those suits are adorable!

Thanks to Nikki and Callahan for hanging out with us for the weekend. You guys are such good friends and amazing supports. It was inspirational to see Callahan walking around a year after his bike accident where he was told he may never walk or use his arms again. Miracles happen!

 Snuggling in to take a nap.
 enjoying the red rocks of Dixie.

 We went hiking around snow canyon. I have never been there  (sorry mom and dad if you have and I just don't remember) It was so beautiful.


nikki said...

We had a great time with you! I am happy to see the hiking pictures too. We'll have to vacation again soon...if you dare after our gas station experience. I have that picture too if you want it :)

Jett Boseman said...

All of those pictures are so precious…Lila looked like she really enjoyed swimming!

Barb said...

What fun to take Lila swimming- she loved it, you can tell! And I love her little smile in the BOB, what a doll baby.

Amy said...

Im glad to see you guys had such a nice time!!!! I saw what you posted about your friend who had the bike accident.... you should put him in touch with Bee! She just came home from the rehab facility yesterday. I'm glad you are all doing so well!!!