Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indiegogo and PGD

The Indiegogo campaign that Quinn's friend and co worker Jeff set up ended a few days ago and I would just like to say Thank you!!!! Thank you to everyone who donated. It was incredible to see friends, acquaintances and total strangers come to our aide. The site raised just over 5000 dollars! How sweet and wonderful it has been to watch such selfless acts of service.  We are truly humbled.

During this campaign I have had several questions as to the process of pre-genetic diagnosis or PGD, since I just got off the phone with two genetic counselors, talking about the whole process I thought I would update everyone and also tell where we are in the mix. With PGD we will undergo the "normal" invitro (IVF) process. Extracting eggs from me and sperm from Quinn they will put them together and make embryos.  As our little embryos grow in their dish one cell with be extracted and shipped overnight to a lab in Chicago. There researchers will test each cell to determine which embryo is affected with Vici. After the results (which will take 24 hours) they will let the docs here know which ones will be safe to implant and they will implant healthy embryos and hope for the best.
Here is why it gets so pricey since Vici is so rare there is no already set test to test for it. So we will have to pay for the test to be made, then pay to test the embryos for the mutation all of which is on top of the already high price of IVF. So the money raised from the indiegogo campaign is very much needed and very much appreciated! Luckily we can enroll in the guarantee program with our facility where they give us about six tries (for a bit higher price than one round of IVF) to get a baby. If it doesn't work we get most of our money (excluding all the money for fertility drugs) back. In which case we will have more money and more options for adoption. 
Does it seem like a long emotional process? It sure does to me. I am so nervous to even start. The lab believes that they will be done creating the test by August. I'm not so convinced but if so that could mean that we could be pregnant by fall. What a miracle! Please keep us in your prayers. We are hoping that all will go well but our track record is making it very hard for me to be optimistic. If it does work you future kiddos of mine better know how desperately you were wanted and just how much you put your parents through before you were ever even born! 

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CMC said...

Kristi, I happened to stumble upon your blog tonight & have read many of your entries. What an amazing & strong mommy you are. Our son tested positinve for CF at birth & by the grace of God he is only a carrier. With that being said we decided to start our PGD/IVF process last August & it has been a battle of ups & downs. Fertility was never an issue - it was all genetic. I started to blog last August & it has been such a good outlet. You & your amazing family are in my prayers ~Christie