Monday, August 27, 2012


We headed off to Newport beach California for a week with my family. At first I thought that it was the worst timing. I was so stressed with our recent IFV hurdles that I thought I wouldn't have a good time but  it turned out that this trip was just what I needed. It was so nice to get away. Quinn and I decided not to talk about the future, babies or IVF the whole time and we actually stuck to that. It was a great break from reality and all the uncertainties that are ahead for us.  We had a wonderful time enjoying our little Lila and the rest of my awesome family.

Kelli and Grace

My great siblings: Matt, Kelli and Mikey
This year we actually got a little smile from Lila when we put her in the ocean. She loves warm water but has never been a fan of the cold ocean but this year we coaxed a small grin out.
The tide pools. Many a crab were chased....

Love the Oregon crew!!!! I adore when I get to spend time with this family. Matt, Josh and Nick are so much fun. Matt loves to tease me and it has carried on with the next generation. They get a kick out of making me laugh and squirm. I love it! 
These boys are at the age where they are not too big of a fan of getting their picture taken so I am stealing some of Kelli's pics. Thanks Kel!

We took morning walks to the beach. It was so great to just listen to the surf, relax and just breathe. The ocean has a pretty great calming effect.

I LOVE this picture. She looks so peaceful.

It is such a blessing to have cousins who treat Lila like she is just another normal cousin. Lots of loves.

Look how stinkin cute! They only sale 3T toms on line but I found these little 2Ts at Jacks surf shop and frankly couldn't resist.
We went to Universal Studios one day.  A HUGE THANK YOU to my MOM who stayed with Lila while we went on rides. That was so incredibly nice of you. We had a lot of fun and Lila was the Biggest trooper!
Ready for Shrek 3D...
On the studio tour.

In line for the new transformers ride. It was pretty awesome actually.

Swimming!!!! Our favorite thing to do on the trip! Lila loved it!

Hanging out

J loves to tease Quinn as well. He would wear sports gear that would drive Quinn crazy and Josh loved it. It was pretty funny to watch.
Evie celebrated her birthday on the trip and wanted in and out and a costco cake.  I was happy with her choices. Yummy...

We got to celebrate my parents 43rd wedding anniversary. Love you guys!

Newport pier

poor little lady this was a sad moment, but as soon as I put her down she stopped. Sometimes you just need your space. Poor little miss has a mom who is a bit of a hoverer.

Walking on the beach was so heavenly and really helped to decompress and not stress. Doesn't it just look peaceful?

Lila was seriously the biggest trooper this trip. She gave Quinn and I a little gift by forgoing her usual cry period at night. Only one night did she loose it. It was a miracle!
She was so gunky in the car but never complained. We just continued to use the suction machine and she tried to be as brave as possible.  It is  a lot of work for her to be even a little bit upright so as soon as we got her home and laid her down she was out......
Thanks everyone for the wonderful time! Its hard to come back to reality and all that entails but for one week I got to escape. Thanks it was blissful.


Barb said...

I'm dying over the Toms. Too adorable. I'm so glad you guys got a much needed vacation!

w and w said...

Wow, how great that she didn't have her evening cries! That's so great for you two. Loved watching Lila swim. What a joy!