Thursday, August 30, 2012

IVF- We need a miracle!!

 We have decided to go ahead with IVF. Our clinic is working with us on finding the best plan for us now that the guarantee program is off the table. We are doing one cycle. We have saved enough, and people have donated enough for this one try, which is exactly the position I never wanted to be in. The stress of it all is pretty overwhelming. That and the fact that if this actually works it will be nothing short of a miracle. The preliminary work ups on me and my body are not coming back great. It looks like I am pretty infertile. Who would have guessed? Our little angel baby was pretty easy to get here.
So, once again. I am begging you for your prayers. This would be a miracle, and my family needs a miracle right now. I hate to think that finding this crazy obscure syndrome on the internet then finding a family whose child had the disease through social networking who then could lead us to doctors halfway across the globe who could take our blood and confirm a gene was all for naught. I hope there was a larger purpose for all of that.
I know I am being pretty open on a very public forum but we have had wonderful things happen to us because people read this blog and I am hoping that lots of prayers will come from being so open. I probably wont put every aspect of the journey on the blog. Its would be just too hurtful if it doesn't take but here is out first shot. Lucky for me I have two wonderful girls who have traveled this road before me right on my same street! So they came over and helped me with my first shot. Since we have some challenges I have to do two a day instead of the normal one. ugh.
Lena watching me to make sure I am mixing the meds right. I was struggling. I was shaking so hard I think I lost some of the mixture. Finally Larisse took over (pic below) and now mixing and shot giving is a Quinn job. We will all be better off.

The girls checking to make sure I have everything I need. Thank goodness cause it all looks like Chinese to me.
Rethinking this whole process........ Just kidding but I am not to thrilled about those shots.
Lena giving my newly punctured tummy a love pat.
Yeah! One done and about ...... I don't even want to know.... to go!!
Poor Quinn and I are feeling the stress. I had a dream that I was on a cruise and was trying to find a helicopter to take me to my ultrasound. Quinn had a dream that he slept walked and had mixed up a shot and woke up wondering how he was going to tell me....  They say try not to stress but easier said than done. If anyone knows some good techniques I am all ears
Thanks Lena and Larisse for being my go-to girls and taking many tear filled phone calls, giving words of encouragement and explaining medical jargon. I would be lost without you!

If you happen to be LDS my family is having a special fast for our family this fast Sunday. We would love it if you would join us. If you aren't we would love your prayers and good thoughts for us during this journey. Thank you!


kathy said...

Hi. I read your blog, and have for a while. I don't know you, but I just cried, and then said a prayer for your family. I hope He was listening!

Mindy said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog a few weeks ago. Your Lila is so beautiful, I love reading about her. I pray that this will work. I will for sure fast for you guys!! Good luck!!!

Zane and Lexi said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! I am so glad you have those girls there to help you. I'm all too familiar with the shots :( but it will get easier as you do them. I promise. I always wanted to do them myself - I wouldn't even let me Dr. husband near me! haha.
Our prayers are coming full force! We love you guys and know that you will be blessed with more little ones :)

Tiffy Ann said...

I love you Kristi! And Family!! I'm sure it will get a little bit easier for you, but I will continue to pray for you. I will for sure try to remember this Sunday. I will be in Delta and things tend to leave my mind :), but remember that I love you and think of you all the time!
Glad you have some friends to help you out.

Jess said...

Hi Kristy! This is your cousin Jess. I just read this talk and thought of you.

Have you read it? It was a comfort to me. Lets get together soon? My prayers will be with you and your family this coming Sunday.

Marisa said...

We will ABSOLUTELY be joining the family in fasting for you this Sunday. Thank you for being so open and sharing your journey with us. Love you!!!

D said...

Rob and I will fast for you tomorrow! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Robbie and Margot said...

You and your family will be in our prayers.

Lynn and Barbs said...

Just wanted to let you know the entire Bullock Family fasted for you today. We were all teary eyed as Marisa said the prayer ending our fast. We hope and pray you and Quinn will feel peace and the love of our Heavenly Father as you go through this process. Our prayers and love are with you.

nikki said...

We fasted for you too and the same plea kept going through my head - 'Please help them. Please help them.'. I hope you could feel everybody's love for your family.

luke and kourt said...

I have been following your story for awhile and your family inspires me so much! We will be fasting and praying for you! We too went through the IVF journey this summer and I strongly believe it was the many prayers that got us through! You can do this! :)

Dr. LaRisse Skene said...

Good times. LOL. I am so proud of you!! You are tough as nails.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I read your blog, and have for a while. I don't know you, but I just cried, and then said a prayer for your family.

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