Sunday, May 12, 2013

My ladies

This picture makes me emotional. I took it with LaRisse and Lena at the baby shower and as we took it Lena said, didn't we take a picture just like this when you started IVF? We did! These girls came over that first night and helped me take that first shot. At the time Lena was pregnant with twin boys and LaRisse was hoping her surrogate kept her newly implanted baby. Almost nine months later. Twin boys are making strides everyday (despite a rough start being premies) a baby girl is due any day and I am pregnant. What a miracle! Grateful for these ladies and all they have done for me. Could not have traveled this road without them.

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Brooklyn said...

Kristi- Hey! I just thought you should know how much I look up to you. I think you and Lila are so beautiful, and I admire your faith so much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony often and strengthening mine. I know the future holds good things for such an incredible woman. Love you!