Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quinns wishes

While Quinn was hanging out in the hospital he wrote down his birthday wishes. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Quinn’s B-Day wish list in Alphabetical order
I recently informed the family after dinner I would send you my birthday wish list in alphabetical order. Here Goes

A.     pet AARDVARK. Why you ask. Because when you start any list alphabetically it has to start with aardvark regardless of criteria.
B.     BARISTA classes. I would love to learn how to make all the drinks I will never drink
C.     CURE for Vici syndrome.  Seriously. This is number 1 on the list
D.    DIMES from every year since the beginning of dimes. I need a new collection and dimes take up the least amount of space out of all the coins.
E.     An EVENING with Ben Bernake so I can ask him one question.  Really!?!?
F.     FRONT row tickets to a magic show. I want to know how they do it,
G.     GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS named Kristi, Lila, Ruby. Nice idea Motley Crew.
H.    HOT air balloon bungee jumping. I haven’t done anything really stupid in a while.
I.      IGLOO made of sugar cubes.  That’s what they are made of right?
J.      JESUS is my homeboy t-shirt
K.    KANGAROO jammies. I need a place to put the remote while keeping my feet warm at the same time.
L.     LOCKS of hair from each family member to complete my weave. No one will know the difference.
M.   One MONTHS supply of spitz cracked pepper sunflower seeds.  So 31 bags
N.    NOTHING. Wow that’s lame.
O.    ONE last joint. C’mon you all knew
P.     PINK tickets. So I can sell them to Riss and buy half the stuff on my list.
Q.    QUALITY paint job on 4-runner. It’s getting embarrassing being seen in public.
R.     RUBY snaps cookies.  If they taste anything like Ruby’s cheeks I’m gonna be fat in no time.
S.     SMARTIES SUCKERS. As many as you can find
T.     TRIP. Anywhere just not the hospital.
U.    UNDER Armor anything. I’m dumb that way
V.     VELOCIRAPTOR.  That’ll upgrade the guard dog situation
W.   WEDNESDAY night football tickets. What? No football on Wednesday? That’s stupid
X.     XENA warrior princess bobble head. If I cant get the paint job I’ll need a second option to upgrade my ride.
Y.     One YEAR subscription to the jelly of the month club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Z.     ZERO accountability. What is cooler than doing what I want when I want how I want with no repercussions? Perhaps a little out of your price range but one can hope.

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