Sunday, October 20, 2013


Lila's potassium went up to 3.5 today! Which is great!  that's right where they want it to be. Hopefully it will stay there. they will have to monitor it for a few days probably. When she came in it was in the 1.5 range which is life-threatening. They are also trying to see if they can find a medicine that this pseudomonas will react to that is not IV Administered. If they can find an oral one then we are closer to going home. 
Feeling so overwhelmingly grateful for the wonderful family that has helped out. Quinn has been so amazing through this, sleeping over at the hospital and getting up to go to work. He's such a good daddy


Unknown said...

Heya kristi, I was wondering if there is any way I can contact you? My son has just been diagnosed with vici syndrome. We live in the uk and met dr Heinz Jungbluth last week. Would love to talk to you micaela x x

quinn and kristi said...

Micaela. Please please contact me! My email is