Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sub for Santa

When Quinn and I were in grief counseling one of the couples talked about how they did a Sub for Santa for a little girl their daughters age to help during the holiday season. They just couldn't stand the idea of not buying their little girl presents and thought this would help. When I mentioned this to my friend Jill she found us a sweet 4 year old to do and Sub for Santa for. She had a twin brother and Jill decided to do his part. It was very hard to shop for a 4 year old. I picked out a pink coat in size four t and imagined my lila in it. We also got her a Sleeping Beauty doll in Lila's honor, along with some other goodies. We dropped them off tonight then went and got some hot chocolate.  I was grateful for this opportunity even though it was tough. While getting hot chocolate I got a little teary watching Maclaren  (our sweet almost four year old neighbor) try and get Ruby to look at the camera. This could have been a scene from my life! If only vici  was never in the cards for us lila would be posing and playing with ruby. The plan is hard to understand.
I hope a little girl wakes up on Christmas morning full of joy from our gifts.


Barb said...

What a great gift of service and love. I love how "helpful" Ruby is.

Robbie and Margot said...

You and Quinn are amazing.