Saturday, May 28, 2011

celebrating the small things

Exploring her world..

Her favorite is the pink disco ball. She hits it back and forth. She does look at it from time to time.

We are so excited when she holds toys. Especially in both hands. She will shake the maracas and then laugh. It's adorable.
She is holding her head more and more midline. In this photo you can see that she is talking as well

This sign is hanging in Lila's room. It reminds me to celebrate everyday.

We are constantly trying to celebrate all the small things. Lila is doing well. She is making progress, they are small and slow, but she is making good progress. She has shown more visual responses, She holds toys, she is holding her head more and more midline, She still smiles, laughs and sucks her thumb (she sucks her right thumb and her left pointer finger) She kicks her legs, -they are not as stiff as they once were.- She will touch items on her board that I have just touched and showed her. She is getting more vocal, she loved the sound of her voice, she will get louder and louder as she "talks."
She will do little things that surprise us all the time. Like the other day, she was sitting on her grandpa's lap with her head against her chest and she was trying so hard to lift her head and find her grandpa, she was trying so hard to look up.
Also the other day she was in her crib awake (as always) and Quinn walked in and said Hi Lila, She turned her head looked right at him and gave him a huge smile. She does these random things that continue to surprise us.


Kelli said...

cute pictures! I love it that she loves the pink disco ball!

Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...

Wow! I am celebrating with you at the awesome things that Lila is doing!! I love seeing all the Let's Celebrate Lila pics and how encouraging that she is trying so very hard to lift her head to look at her Grandpa while in his lap.

The very thought of Lila giggles, while shaking maracas--all by herself--is WONDERFUL music to my ears!

I'm so happy for all of the new things that Lila is learning and doing and am also happy for her Mommy and Daddy, too.


Robbie and Margot said...

Love this post. All of the steps she is making are amazing. It is a true testament that she will be able to do wonderful things and it shows how much you and Quinn have taught her. Just think of how many things you can celebrate about Lila that you couldn't before she came into your life. She truly is one beautiful girl.

~*Felts~* said...

Look at her go!!!! I love to hear all the progress she is making. Those eyes seriously melt my heart, she is such a cutie.

Lynn and Barbs said...

I loved these updates. It is so fun to read about all the new things Lila is doing. You are an amazing mom and are coping with your challenges with grace, courage and great love for your beautiful daughter.
Love ya,